Release time:2023-11-28

The most common way to produce an internal thread is by tapping. Vanadium high-speed steel taps can offer better resistance to abrasion and have longer service life than standard high-speed steel taps.



At present, there are only a few manufacturing companies that can produce market-oriented vanadium  high-speed steel taps. Over the past decade, our research team has improved the composition proportion of raw material, production process, heat treatment method, coating technique, and now we can produce high-quality vanadium high-speed steel taps in large quantities with completely independent intellectual property rights.



We can provide vanadium high-speed steel taps in different groove types (spiral flute, spiral point and straight flute) with different surface treatment (TiN-coating, bright finishing, black finishing, TiCN-coating). And they can be made according to various standard (DIN, ISO, ANSI, JIS...) with the full sizes.

What's more, we have sold our vanadium high-speed steel taps in domestic and foreign markets for several years and received a good market response. The repurchase rate of our vanadium high-speed steel taps is much higher than that of other taps. In short, it is worth trying.